What we should have done, & the path forward.

What I am going to show you is what we should have done in our country and what I have been trying since April of 2020 to show the Premiers…to get them to understand.” Lieutenant Colonel David Redman, former head of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency – Jan 10th, 2022.

For almost two years the Saskatchewan government had access to other ‘tools in the toolbox’ to deal with covid. Tools that most likely would not have damaged small business or inflicted a campaign of fear that divided our families and communities.

Below is a link where you can watch Colonel Redman describe his attempt to bring this information to premiers, and an 8 step process he believes the provinces and territories should take to move forward. He also points out that governments ignored the planning that was already in place.

(Timestamp 47:15) https://unifiedgrassroots.com/statement-regarding-jan-10-2022-presentation-video/

Credit to Nadine Ness, President of Unified Grassroots for arranging this full interview with Colonel Redman and Dr. Peter McCullough, and making it available to the public.