Effects of mandates on families

Erin Nicole & Brigitt discuss the effects of mandates on Saskatchewan families and communities with Nadine Wilson, MLA.


good morning nadine wilson mla forsaskatchewan rivers with me i have twoyoung women who are wanting to sharetheir storiesthey came to visitandi firmly believe we would like to tellthe viewers of saskatchewanhowthe pandemic has affected these youngwomen’s lives and the lives of theirfamilywould you like to introduce yourselfsure um i’m erin nicole i live in mormonsaskatchewan and um i was born in reginaand then raised in prince albert soum i feel thatthe people’s lives of saskatchewan andcanada really matter to me andum being a business woman as well i ownthe lash business um i just have such aheart for people and i’m so grateful tobe here and be able to talk about howeverything is being affected right now ilook forward to your story erin thankyou and this young womanmy name is bridget de villiers i live inthe prince albert areai think part ofthe reason why i wanted totalk about how the pandemic has affectedme is because the city of prince alberthas gone above and beyond therecommendations of the saskatchewangovernmentwe’re at the point now where we will nowhave children ages five and older thatare going to be required requiringvaccine passports to enter enter any ofthe the study facilitiesum my background is nursing and socialwork and when i look at it from amedical and a social work perspective idon’t agree that we should be forcingparents to make these decisions fortheir children when we don’t know thelong-term effects of the vaccinesi’m a mom of threeand this affects our family greatly weuse the library serviceswe use the soccer center all of thesefacilities and we will no longer beallowed well right now we’re not allowedto either because um i don’t believe inin having to show mymedical staff my yeah having to show mysegregation papers having to show mymedical my personal medicalpersonal medical history i don’t believeinbeing forced to show my personal medicalhistory in order to ensure cityfacilities that i’m paying taxes at umwhen it comes to the city facilities andthese vaccine passports every singleperson we know this now can spread itwhether or not they are vaccinated ornotso i don’t understand how this islegitimately working anymorewe’ve tried it it isn’t working we’re inthe fifth wave now so obviously thesevaccine passports are not the answer tothis um so i think we need to have umsome more discussions and have betterleadership in the city of prince albertand saskatchewan in general on ways thatwe can combatthese uh this pandemic and umand also be able to move forward andtowards livinglives that are healthy and holistic inevery wayand not just i think hyper focusing onone issueumactually causes a detriment in otherareasfor examplemental health like having to think aboutthat every day am i able to go to thisfacility am i able to do this with mychildren the pressure being put onpeople is unfair and you were talkingabout mental health and how it’saffected yourself your family yourcommunityand how can we move forward and heal iknow the government and the media hascreated this rift of society and we’renot meant to be like that no we’re meantto behappy enough yeah and i feel that we allsit at the table of humanity exactly andwe all have a voice and we all arecreated uniquely to have a specificpurpose and to be able to actuallyfulfill that purpose you cannot besuppressed and you cannot be oppressedand told that your inner guidance andyour connection with god and whereyou’re being guided as to what is rightand what is wrongthat somebody another human being isgoing to take authority over that and todominate you and to tell you that you’regonna have to just obeyis actually completely like it’si can’t even explain the feeling that ihavei’m completely like abhorred from it idon’t know if that’s the right word buti justit’sit’s breaking someone’s spiritlike it’s taking awayand when you break someone’s spirit youbreak a piece of them and we are notjust like you were saying a physicalperson we’re spiritual we’re emotionalwe have other needs besides just hyperfocusing on one part of our humanexperiencebecause anytime you hyper focus on onepart of anything everything else fallsto the wayside andit’sit can destroy everything else like if iwas parenting my childand my child was experiencing one issueand then i stopped feeding that childand then i stopped like giving thatchild an adequate place to sleep but ijust focused on the one issue that washappening and just did you have to takethis medicine you have to do this and iwas just completely unbalanced do youthink that it would really help thatchild heallike that’s what’s happening happeningto us as a whole yeah this pandemic isturning into a mental health crisis yeswhat’s happening yeah this isn’t apandemic anymore of covid no we knowthat the new variants that are comingout areless severe um when you look at thehospital cases and how many people areactually in hospital compared to theamount of cases that are out thereit’s not adding up totothe hype and the damage what we’re doingto our children what we’re doing toeach other families in general seniorsyou you’ve got seniors who they want togo out and have a cup of coffee that’stheir weeklyenjoyment is getting together and theycan’t do that anymore if they don’tchoose toso what happens to a human being whenit’swhen a human is isolatedand when they’re you know taken out ofsociety um what are the studies on thatlike what how does that affect yourimmune system how does social isolationaffect your immune system how doesmental health affect your immune systemthere’s other factors that affect howour body is able to fight any kind ofvirus or any kind of illnessumso i’m just wondering and looking at thegyms as well when you take a look at theyoga studios when you take a look at umany of the physical fitness centers forour children you know the soccer centerthe aquatic centersand and being excluded from those aswell um i would i would think the wholebeing emotional and physical we shouldlook at in a positive way and perhapsthe government is not seeing the wholepicture or sometimes when you start tojust like act out of a place of fearit’s usuallyirrational to an extent because ifsomebody is breaking into my houseand i’m just going to instantly reactand something i’m going to just dowhatever my instinct says in that momentbut then if i just kept doing thatthat’s called ptsdlike if i just kept reacting tosituations with that kind of irrationalbehaviorthat’s becoming a syndrome and that’sactually going to start to affect myrelationships and everything else i tryto do going forward but at some pointyou have to take a step back and realizewhat’s actually going on what are thefactswhat is actually happening and where arethe actual issues because whenthe entire world is continually beingput through a cycle of likeisolate okay now you can come outisolate okay now you can come out youmight not have a business tomorrowwhat kind of umhormones are being released in ourbodies and that can affect our health inthe long term keeping you off balanceright we’re in constant fight or flightfight or flightso what kind of leadership is leading usinto that each time like leadership issupposed to take you intothrough situations in a confident mannerthat actually benefitspeople it doesn’t it’s not supposed tocauseother issues to come up as a result ofthe way that the situation is beingdealt withso what would you tell the governmenttoday aarondo you have any solutions what comes tomind right awayi think looking at this from a holisticperspectiveand i thinkalso with um the pharmacology we need tomove away fromthinking that vaccines is the only waythat’s going to fix this and like yousaid holistically we need to look at theperson as a whole umwhat i would like to see is the earlyinterventionsum there’s been studies studies afterstudies after studies of showing whathappens when you give high doses ofvitamin c d zinc quercetin umand what you’re saying now is justcoming to me is like where are the opendiscussions and why are there peoplebeing silenced because wheneverto me if there’s information is justneutralfacts are neutral such as dr petermccullough yesyou know his studies in his peer reviewshe said 30 paperson this subjectwhy are we not talking to him exactlywhy is it not an open border discussionand that’s where a lot of theseprofessionals are beingsilenced they’re scared of beingreprimanded for coming out and seeingthese but is that not a red flagdefinitelyyou know like if i was in a relationshipwith someone and they just kept therewas these people from their past andthey said you know like don’t talk toany of them likethey’re all horrible they did all thesethings to me and each time a new onepopped up and they you know maybe try toreach out to me to say something oh nothat person did this to me after a whilemaybe you have to questionwhy is everybody around this personbeing silenced is there something i’mmissing like some kind of truth that ishould knowto protect me abusive relationships yeahexactlybecause truth is truth and truth doesn’thave fear because it has nothing to it’strueyou can’t disprove it um but ifsomething has flaws and something is notaccurate then it needs toconstantly be hiding things because ifpeople find out they’re not going tocontinually go along with it so like iwas thinking the other day so like if ifthe government for example is tellingpeoplethis is something that you should donumber one where’s your authority withthose people do you already have trustwith thembecause if you have not already builtthat trust you’re already going to havepeople that aren’t going to go alongwith that because and why would they nothave trust is there anything that’shappened in the pastthat would induce a lack of trustbecause just the other day i waslistening to my radio and there was adabout um asbestosand having it removed from your home andi was just thinking how years ago thatwas promoted it was so why can somethingbe promoted at one pointhow can we have a hundred percent faiththat something that’s being promoted 1020 years down the road isn’t going to besomething that actually causes illnessso there has to be a balanced approachthere’s no human being that is justable to give godly advice to people andjust how can you actually say this isthe solutionif you have no one tocheck what you’re doing if there’s nono like not allowed to be any kind of anopen discussionto me that can just turn into anirrational situationand everybodyshould be allowed to know what they’rebeing what they are putting in theirbodyi agree there should be no questionthere should be no delayit should be right nowthis is what it is and here’s yourchoiceand if it’s the right choice lots ofpeople would choose ityou wouldn’t have to force them andcoerce themif ihave a risk ofa grave illnessand you come to me and you show me theactual statistics and the actual factsand then you show me this medication andwill help you and here’s the actualinformation here’s your true risksthen i would be able to use myintelligence that has been given to meand i would be able to make a logicaldecisionwhy is there why are there all of theselittle discussions happening all ofthese threatsall of these and derogatory slursbeing put onto people who are hesitantor do not want to go forward withthey’ve already made their choiceand why have they made that choicebecause they don’t trustwhat is being told to them and so how doyou build trust do you thenif i if if i’m in a friendshipand the person doesn’t trust meeither the friendship has to endor i have to do something to build thattrustand do i build that trust by tellingthat person you’re so stupid like youdon’t believe melike look at youwould that build that person’s trust orwould that make them trust you lessso like if you’re telling if you’re notheard and you’re tellingyour government who’s supposed to careabout you that you don’t trust what’shappening so you you’re gonna declinelike thank you but no thank youif you really believe that the vaccinesare actually what’s going tosave humanitywhat are you doing to help peopleactually trust it it should be apositive thing i just saw an article inthe news saying it’s weird that um itseems like the booster intake uptake isless than the original vaccineand it had a picture of a little personrunning away from a huge hand with asyringe pointed at themlike that’s a small example but reallylike what is being portrayed well idon’t know if you saw that video that’sum sha had put out and it was thephysician talking and she was talking tothese talking to the children throughthis youtube video about um not playingwith other children who are unvaccinatedyes i did yeah and so when you take alook at that too that is what our healthauthority is pushing is bullying issegregation is coercion umwhen when we talk about coercion therewas two health professionals that i’vetalked with umthat were doing the injections one was apharmacist and the other one was aregistered nurseand the pharmacistwho is no longer in saskatchewan anymoreshe was explaining to me thata lot of the peoplethat she was injecting right before theyleftsaskatchewanwere crying in her chairand she would talk to them for about 10minutes she’d have tospeak with them about you know they wantto know the risks and everything and soshe’s trying to give them an informeduh consent but they’re sitting therecrying saying they don’t want it but yetthey need it and it was taking umit was taking a toll on on her and herprofessionalism in what they were doinggiving somebody an injection whenthey’re sitting there cryingbecause they don’t want it but yourgovernment is saying you need it to keepyour jobto methere’s no choice in that when you hearthe premier saying that well everybodydoes have a choice you hear the mayor ofprince albert say well people do have achoice you know it’s not like we’reforcing this down well a lot of peoplefeel like those choices have been takenaway from them because when it comes toputting food on the table for theirchildrenand taking this injection there’s not alot ofwiggle room and when they say that thetesting option is there for people umthere’s not a lot of people that canafford to test three times a weekthose tests are expensiveand umit’s a lack of empathy how are youputting yourself in that person’s shoesit’s veryumit’s almost like gaslighting like you’renot allowing that person to actuallyexpress how they feel you have a choiceyou can choose between not eating andgetting the vaccinethat’s an abuse that’s an abusive powerwell bridgette you alsolost some trust in the school system didyou oh definitely children we have um iactually pulled mychildren from the public school systemi decidedthat umwell academically they werethey were behind and i understandeverybody keeps saying well all of thechildren are behind and that you knowthey will catch up but i feel like theonline schooling and the isolationsweren’t umweren’t working anymore when it came tomaking sure that they had a propereducation not at all yeah there was oneweek whereor there was in a six week period one ofmy children was in isolation for fourout of those six weeksand the whole class wasn’t in isolationso the teacher was still at schoolteaching because this was a case on thebusand so the teacher was still at schooland my daughter was supposed to be whoat the time was seven years old wassupposed to be doing her school workat home for those two weeks on her ownwithout any guidance from the teacherand those were pivotal years what gradewas she in at that point she was ingradetwo yeah she’s yeah she was she’s ingrade three this yearum but i realized too for her she hasn’thad a regular school year sincekindergarten yeah like that to me isthat’s crazy to think that she hasn’texperienced and that’s not even aregular that was every other day soshe’s never experienced a full-timeschool year nowyeah noand so i i decided that umwhen it came to talking to them aboutmasks and masking them during phys ed umi felt like i was just met with no sortof um justconversation was this is what it is thisis what our chief medical health officersaid and this is the way that we’refollowing it and there wasn’t adiscussion on well maybe this doesn’treally make sense um i just want to sayabout the bus case howhow she went on how my children went onisolation for two weeksthen mymy children got on the bus and they sitin the very back seat of the bus forthis back seatand there ended up being a case on thebus and so i called the bus driver andasked where this person sat on the buscompared to my childrenthey sat about 12 feet away from mychildrenlike i said my children are the firstones on in the morning last one’s off sothis person the student never came neverwalked past my my children’s classroomnot in the same classroom no he was atransfer he went off tothe high school um so they had nointeraction other than sitting on thebus togetherand they said well they shared the sameair space i said okay but when you lookat ityeah they share the same air space butwhen you look at if you were to fly onan airplane with somebody at the timethe the protocols or the policies wasthat you don’t have to self isolateunless you are within six feet ofsomebody who’s a con a confirmed case sothis person the student was doublesocial distancing rightand sowhen i talked to the principal aboutthis as well as the superintendent umthey they just said no these are thepolicies and this is the way it isinstead of looking at this is a case bycase so now instead of taking the firsttwo seats in front of the bus of thisperson and the first two seats behindand just affecting those students duringthat time you affected so many morefamilies so many more students and sowhat are the implications of that oneach of those individuals right exactlyand how does that go out into thecommunity you’ve got the economics thatare the the businesses it sounds likethere’s a lack of common sense and unityright how to approach this yeah anddiscussion they don’t want to hear it itis what i found exactly and so there’speople fact-checking on social media ifsomebody is actually doing research andshares somethingthat goes contrary to the narrativethat’s being promotedbut the people who are actually allowedto speak aren’t allowed to be questionedso then that’s where you get somebodysaying well this is if you ask someonewell why are we doing this because i wastold yes this is my policy from somebodywho’s higher up and it’s always put offto somebody else right and they told meto do this well it’s someone else it’snot me that you have to talk to somebodyelsebut do you know why you’re doing thisbecausein the end we’re all human beings whohave a decision to makeand we all havethe ability to use our integrity andchoosewhat is the right choice in this momentdoes this information make sensewould i do something that’s going toharm myself or others just becausesomebody with some type of authoritytold me toat some point where is it where is themoral obligation and the authority isconflicting information as well exactlyat that time i had called 8-1-1 inprince albert and the number of callingthe 8-1-1 or public health sorry andpublic health said to call 8-1-1 so icalled 8-1-1and described just for instance this bussituation and said this is where mychildren were in in vicinity to this umcovet case she said no they should beself-monitoring okay thank youcall the public health or but they sayyou need to call the public health andprince albert which then refers youagain back to 811. so i spoke to twopublic health nurses and also who bothsaid that my children should beself-monitoring not self-isolatingand also relate that to the principaland the superintendent and no this thisblanket letter that was sent out to thewhole bus superseded what 811 was sayingso you have our public health departmentherebut you have the public healthdepartment that is advising all ofsaskatchewan which we’re not workingtogether as well telling differentstories so i think a lot of peoplehave lost trust inumwhat is the right thing to do yeahbecause we have got so much informationthat just and how can you expect peopleto go along with your decision ifthey’re receiving conflicted informationand then punish them for not trusting itnow earlier bridget you were telling meabout your seven-year-old daughterover christmas time she was drawing apicture with the mask can you describesome of that so yeah that’s what i meanwhen we talk about the mental healthwith the children and the impact thatwe’ve that we’ve caused for this nextgenerationum my daughter hadron draw drew apicture of jesus on the crossand he had this thing covering his faceand i thoughtis that a beard or is that a maskand so i asked her i said i said what doyou mean like what’s i said is that hisbeard and she said no it’s it’s a maskand i saidyou drew a mask on jesus and sheshe yeahand it was just kind of like matter offact like everyone wears like and hewould have a mask yeah and i just saidwhy did you draw it on him and she saidoh i don’t know and then she kind ofskipped off and that was the end of theconversationbut that really umkind of made me realize thatthis next generation that that we areraising to them this is their normalthis is normal to have matter they’retrying to process it yeah but we arecausing damage in doing this you havegot children who are going to havespeech delays i was going to say andright right which helps you have ahealthy lifeand look at the development of wherethey’re learning to see how the wordsare formed they’re learning the facialexpressions so we’ve got that um thosedelays i also came across a study theother day where they were talking aboutthis next generationumthey did uh iq tesla and some childrennow versus pre-pandemic and the iqs ofthe children now are 22 points lowertheir iq points are 22 points lower thanwhat they werepre-pandemicso i’m not quite sure exactly why thatis is it our education system is itbecause we’ve isolated a lot of them andthey only have that socialization of oftheir mom and their dad who are busy ontheir laptops doing their remote exactlythey’re not able to engage and thesechildren are sitting there and they’renot beingbeingsocialized and they’re not they’re notdoing that but these are the questions ihave if you’re going to have aconversation with somebody and it’si’m honestyou’re going to be able to you know havethose things brought up right and you’regonna actuallyfeel like you received the informationthat you need to make an informeddecision when umsomeone is speaking like on the news forexample why is it so directed why isn’tit more like we would really like toreach out to humanity right nowum you know we’re going to be dealingwith a virus there’s so manyfactors that come into play with makingthis decision as to how to go forwardand we really have a lot of um differentfacts to weigh and different situationsto come into play so i just whensomebody is so likedirect with what this is just what wehave to do and you’re letting everythingelse likeas a parent i would like to choose if ithink that it’s important that my childhas the opportunity to have an educationand not just be told that that doesn’tmatter right nowbut also the sense of community toolike you take the daycares and princealbert and umyou can’t walk in your child unlessyou’ve shown proof of vaccination so youwere in there for less than five minutesdropping off your child saying goodbyeumand so i think even that thatsense of community in what you’re doingwe’re not allowed to go in the schooland get our children like when asia wentto school in elementary i would park myvehicle and i would wait outside yourclassroom amongst all the parents rightand my child would make contact with meinstantly hi i’m here and here to pickyou up and come with mei find it so dangerous but what’shappening no parents are allowed in theschooleven though we’re all in contact withour childrenand then our children go to school andare in contact with each other wellthat’s why and then they come home andthey’re in contact with us so thatdoesn’t make any sense we’re all in thesame bubble here right what is charlielacking is talking about the children’sprotection yeah and so they’re all it’slike when this is 40 daythe buses aren’t runningi saw almost six children get hit by avehiclebecause they’re confused there’s lotsgoing on even if they’ve made anarrangement with their parent they mightget kind of scared it seems like it’staking longer i don’t know am i stillsupposed to stand here that vehiclelooks like maybe it’s mom’s i’m gonnarun across the streetliterally you have to pull up into likethe parking lot and there’s likevehicles backed up waiting to get up tothat spot and i cry every time i’m likeokaynadia’s just waiting for me likehopefully she’s gonna not like run outlike it’s so busy i can’t get outbecause like i’m in the middle of theroad i can’t like run up there and likethis feeling of like i need to get to mychild and likeit’s chaosand it’s freezing like minus 45 thebuses aren’t running but the kids haveto stand outside and wait because theycan’t all be inside trying to look outone window where’s my parentthey have to come outside and waitso like how is that safe and like i hadto i literally had to go like this tosomeone coming this way because i saw achild coming out and i stopped and hewas still going and i had to be like butlike what if he didn’t see me like i’mthinking likehe’s gonna see my movement well he mightnot what would you like the governmentto change if they were able to wavetheir magic wand today and uhchange direction of the solutions of thepandemicwhat do you see could be done well ithink just taking into consideration theactual facts is this actually anemergency anymorebecause at this point umit seems like or is it a situation thatwe can actually continue to create allof thesemandatesthat don’t seem to work so i think thatit’s time to beback to common sense and a holisticapproach like we were talking abouti don’t think that there should be anymandates in place i don’t think themandates are working i don’t think and ithink they’ve actually affected humanbeings lives to the point that it’sactually going to cause problems foryears to come people have lost theirlivelihoods people have lost theirfamilies people the divorce rate hasskyrocketedum there’s division between familiesextended families what are all of theother effects like we have a pandemic ofeffects of the mandateswhat are we going to do about that arewe now going to come in with another setof rules are we just going to use commonsense and humanity andyou know if you aresickyou should probably stay homeif somebody has a umcompromised immune systemthey should probably you know at thistime or any time through like flu andcold season take more measuresyou know and their family members wouldknow thatumandif the vaccine stopped people fromtransmitting the virus i wouldunderstand to some extent but it doesn’tso there shouldn’t be any passportwhat is the actual reason for thepassportwhen everybody can catch it andeverybody can pass it yeah like thatwhether or not of your vaccinationstatus so it does we know that nowexactly so why is there a passport whatis the reason for that i would like toknowwhat is the actuallong-term goal herelike when does it endbecause it seems like to me there’s anew variantall the time and actually at anaccelerating paceif you just look at normal virusesthere’s hundreds of variants of the fluthere’s hundreds of variants of the coldso if we were consistently obsessedabout it and testing all the timewe would always have been doing this andone thing with the testing that i’vealways questioned and never have got astraight answer about is naturalimmunity for somebody who’s caught itand has those antibodies umwe know forat least 90 days those antibodies are intheir body so they will not get covetedwithin that 90 day period why can thosepeople not be usingthat to get into these places as wellbecause actually they’re the ones whowouldn’t catch it at all they’re theones they’re the safe ones they’re theones that we know for a fact will notbecause there hasn’t been any cases andthere was actually um an article thatcame out in the ctb news about omnicronand it was saying umis natural immunity actually likesomething like actually the answer toomnicron does it actually improve yourimmunityand it was saying that it didand so like one day i read that in thenewsand the next day i read that um quebecis putting in attacks for unvaccinatedbut whyif you are unvaccinated and you havenatural immunitywhy do you need a vaccine does it makesense does it no it’s not logicaland thenbridgette what would you like to say tothe government for solutionsohi think we need to do betterwe need to do betteryeah it’s been two years yeah whathappened to two weeks to flatten thecurve exactly it’s time to re-evaluateyes we are heading into a mental healthcrisis if we’re not already therei think the damage that we’re doing tothe next generationof childrenwhen we talked aboutthe children previouslyand you know the safety of the childreni know somebody that was unable toattend to their children’s soccer gamesand so this this young child would go into the soccer center by themselvesand she would have to wait outside inthe parking lot and pick them up and soto me you are leaving that door wideopen forchild predators i think that thesechildren are going to be preyed uponandbecause it’s known thatthe parents are being separated from thechildrenyes so if the wrong person knows thattheyhave an opportunityi i think we’re going to see many manyyears of healingand i think we need to we need to end ithere sooner the mad days sooner ratherthan later because the longer this goeson the more damage that we’re going toneed to change the narrative fromdivisionand segregationand isolation and i think we need tochange the dial the thetuneto more unificationlet’s unify we all sit at the table ofhumanity yeswe need to stop looking to vaccines asthe sole answer and we need to startlooking at the relationshipholistic asset prevention keeping yourimmune system up um physical activityeating a proper diet i mean that hassomething what we’re putting into ourbodiesis educating people on how the immunesystem worksand how why aren’t we talking about thatwhy isn’t the government talking aboutgood health education physical activitythey keep saying it’s science but nobodyis standing up and saying i’m going toinform you on how the immune systemactually works these are the things thatyou can do to improve your immune systemwell maybe that’s somethingyou young women in your communities aregoing to have to continue to ask yourmlas and the governmentand get some answers yeah exactly andthat is something that i would say to umeverybody who is concerned with thedirection that our province is going isright your government elected officialswrite your city councillors write yourmayor write your mlas write to your apsyou have a voice and it makes adifference and the more thatthey realize there’s people out therewho have these other ideasand that aren’t necessarily happy withthe narrative and the way thatour province is going theni think the better chance we have of ofum coming together again and unifyinglike you say yeahand i wanted to say something aboutshaming unboxing people and um almostdehumanizingi have i know a lot of people who arenot vaccinated and have concernsand not one of them have selfish motivesthey’ve actually lost a lot of personalumthey’ve lost livelihoods they’ve lostfriends they’ve lostall kinds of things that they haveworked hard for in their life i don’tthink somebody would lose that over justtrying tobe selfish and they’re actuallyconcernedthey’re deeply concerned about thedirection that we’re going in they’re soconcerned that they’re willing tosacrificethings in their personal livesthat they’ve worked hard forand the term anti-vaxxer i um i do ihave a verystrong issue with thatmost people who have chosen not to getthis vaccine have did it for variousreasons whether they have a medicalreason that they haven’t been able toget a medical exemption because thephysicians in our province have beentold by the college that there’s only acertain amount of thingsthat will make them examples what wereyou going to say now about ethics well ijust was trying to say like at whatpoint does something become unethicallike at what point do we draw a line inthe sand andwhere morals and ethics become importantagainummy heartwasas a motheras a woman just as a human being wascompletely brokenwhen i sawum sharedjust the other day that there was afamily being thrown out of theronald mcdonald house in kelownaumputting undue hardship onto familiesthat are already brokenthat are already at the worst imaginableplaceiscompletely inhumaneum i justmy heart is so broken for that familythat that was something a position thatthey were put intoumespecially because it’s already beensaid thatwhether you’re vaccinated or you’re notvaccinatedyou cancatch and you can umsomebody else can catch the virus fromyou you can transmit itso what is the reasoning what is theactual reason that families in that kindof a vulnerable positionand it wasn’t only the parents that werebeing forced to vaccinate it’s also thechildrenso like i can imagine as a parent if ihave questions and concerns about thevaccine and my child is alreadyin a vulnerable place to be put into aplace where either we can stay here or ihave toleave and if we stay i have toadminister this injection into my childthat i am not comfortable with like ijuston every levelfind that extremely unethicalbut then you knowjusti think we’ve discussed this before wejust talked about itmy faith in humanity was restored whenyou look at the gofundme page that wasset up and how many people supportedthis family and believe that what hashappened to them is wrong exactly thatdoes that does give me hope we know ashuman beings but that’s not ethicalright exactly yeah and i’m sure that umwhen implementing something like thatthere are heart strings that are beingtugged out you know and i don’t knowwhat’s happening inin that position and what’s being toldto people and how the reasoning as towhy that’s happeningbut i think that we all know that that’scompletelyunethical well aaron i have faith inhumanity and i know this is going to bea dark time in historybut some good will rise up and we willstart fresh i believe soand i think that there is umthe spiritual side that you know anytime when you look at something that’sgoneon the wrong track inthe trajectory of human historyi feel that good always outweighs eviland um i have faith that you know god islooking out for us as well sothere’s some there’s faith and there’sumthere’s definitely hopeand i think we’re at the time in historywhere a lot of our systemshealth care educationour social servicessystems thosesystems are no longer working umand i i do believe thatthat we are at a time where thesesystems need to be revamped exactly andthis may be the perfect opportunity forthings to belooked at yes from a new perspectiveperspective exactlywell sid well i think you young womenare very strong because you haveconcerns about your family yourimmediate family and your childrenand of course that’s that’s what mamabears do they protect their babiesexactlyand i think you’re both very brave youngwomen for continuing to voice youropinionsand the government needs more solutionsthey need more tools in their toolbox toget through this and they have tounderstand that there are differentopinionsand both you young women have some veryvery brilliant thought pattern of howcan we get through this and be unifiedso i i thank you both for being heretoday and sharing your stories and ihope our viewers will continue to watchand share their stories with usthank you for for watching today