The Strength of Many People

As an elected official I make a point of engaging people in conversation not only because I want their opinion or to debate, but as a human being I enjoy an exchange of dialogue and interaction. Yes, that’s my job to listen and take away their ideas whether I agree with them or not. That’s the point of democracy.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit with many residents of Saskatchewan. I attended the Freedom Rally held in Regina in solidarity with the truckers and their families which brought forth thousands of people from across our dear province.

The official count told to me was 800 trucks in the convoy from across the province. I found the rally in front of our historic legislative building both peaceful and supportive to all citizens, while the magnitude of humanity created a positive energy in the air.  Traditional drummers sang on the steps. I walked further to Albert Street following the haunting sounds of a lone Scottish bagpipe while a Hutterite family played their instruments in between. 

After a few of us spoke at the microphone, we sang O Canada and came together as one, hoping to heal our land and country. Canada has ignited a movement all over the world calling for unity and freedoms, hoping that goodness will prevail and overcome the toxicity that has invaded our world.

A question we should be asking of our governments is why does eradicating the systems that have served us well with security, democracy and economic stability need to occur? Our economy has stalled these past two years and we have seen untold closures of restaurants, businesses and services. This mismanaged covid crisis has played havoc and suffering for many businesses and families, distorting our economy with personal and career changing paralysis.

This damaging crusade of governments declaring their intent to manage all aspects of our lives must end, and we must end all restrictions and mandates to live again. This must be done before we tackle the government digitization that has already been planned and would follow us in all aspects of our lives. But more on this another day. 

Today, I choose to enjoy the strength of many people, their uniqueness and diversity shown this weekend at the rally as we came together in unity.