The People’s Building

Bill 70 will politicize the security of the people’s building, the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina. This is once again an overreach of a government that is showing a pattern of ruling over the people, rather than carrying out their mandate to work FOR the people who elected them.

I addressed this in the house on November 24th, 2021.

Transcription from Hansard The Speaker: — I recognize the member from Saskatchewan Rivers. Rights of Saskatchewan Citizens Ms. Wilson: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. The spirit of the Charter has been lost in Saskatchewan and is being abused under the tyranny that has arisen since the advent of the COVID narrative. Over the past two years, Saskatchewan has seen a sweeping change in the way government respects various constitutional freedoms, such as freedom to assemble and hold peaceful rallies. Now the government wants to lock down our beautiful legislature, the people’s building. In order for government to take certain actions, they have to demonstrate and justify what it is they are proposing to do. The government has not justified its data to use as an excuse to suspend the rights of Saskatchewan citizens or amend Bill 70, security within the legislative district. The fearmongering and scapegoating is demonstrating a decline in the ethical standards of Saskatchewan society. If we uphold the rule of law, why does Saskatchewan need isolation camps, snitch lines, extra security detail for the Premier, and sheriffs for the people’s building? Government is instigating aggression, not the people. Saskatchewan people continue to express their ideas, hope, and encouragement to help right the ship. Let them help. Let the people help. The captain needs to listen to his leaky ship as he navigates this rocky climate it currently sails in. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.