Looking for Accountability

In February, 2022, a non-profit group now known as Sask Alliance* requested information from the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) under the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. (LAFOIP) They were looking for answers to a host of questions concerning the last two years.

In March, the request was revised and resubmitted to the SHA and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. In a recent update, Sask Alliance advises that the Ministry has responded to the request, and is now working through the process with them.

Curiously, according to the update, the SHA has yet to respond, which may place it in a precarious position with the Information and Privacy Commissioner as the response time limit of 30 days has been exceeded.

The FOIP/LAFOIP contains 270 record requests focusing on 12 topics including: Transmissibility, Natural Immunity, Deaths, Hospitalizations, Daily Case Counts, Adverse Events, The 4 Pillars of Pandemic Response, Risk Stratification, Free Speech & Integrity of Evidence, Privacy, Informed Consent, Pregnancy/Breast Feeding/Family Planning.

These are topics that I continue to receive emails about, from people across the province. Everyday I receive links to peer-reviewed studies concerning side effects of the vaccines and of course, the now infamous Pfizer documents** which are only being released due to a court order after the FDA tried to have them sealed for 75 years.

Most concerning to me are the emails and phone calls I receive from people who describe severe health situations which occurred after injection, and the refusal of their doctors to investigate and/or report it as an adverse effect.

One person was in tears as they described how they were losing their job for refusing to take a second shot after a severe reaction from the first one.

Another who needed heart surgery for pericarditis, was incredulous when the hospital advised they would not receive surgery without taking the shot. With the knowledge that side effects can include pericarditis and myocarditis, they were terrified the shot would kill them.

The uncompassionate, over-reaching politicization of health followed by a lack of transparency has and is fueling mistrust of government and the systems that deliver health care. It is time to be accountable to Saskatchewan people.


** https://www.reuters.com/legal/government/paramount-importance-judge-orders-fda-hasten-release-pfizer-vaccine-docs-2022-01-07/