Vaccine Injury & Financial Hardship – Tell Your Story

Did you suffer an injury from taking the covid injection? Has your family and/or financial situation been impacted as a result of mandates? Have you tried to have your concerns addressed only to find no one is willing to listen?

A 3-day public inquiry on these matters will occur June 22-24, 2022, organized by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) and other partner groups. This is an opportunity to make your story and voice heard regarding Covid-19 issues at the national level.

According to the CCCA, the format will be one of a formal inquiry, with a panel to hear the evidence and submissions.

There will be several different areas of inquiry including:

• personal stories, such as of vaccine injury and/or economic hardship;

• effects on business;

• effects on medical professionals;

• expert medical and scientific evidence;

• expert evidence on legal issues.

Witnesses can attend by video.
Compiling experiences from Canadian citizens through this public inquiry will be impactful. If you know of someone who has experienced adverse medical and economic events to covid policies, please share this information with them. When people call my office to express how the last two years has affected them, there is a pattern of ‘not being listened to’ or of politicians and professionals ‘being dismissive’, when they try to have their concerns addressed.

If you are interested in sharing your story related to these areas of inquiry, please contact info@CanadianCovidCareAlliance.Org and type TESTIMONY in the subject line.