A Saskatchewan Wish List

As Saskatchewan people celebrate the holidays it is a time of excitement, reflection and hope.

In sixteen years as MLA for Saskatchewan Rivers, I have learned that essentially, people of all cultures want the same thing; a robust, secure society in which to live, work and raise our families. Recently, this was reaffirmed by responses I received to a survey I sent out this fall.

They wish for healthy schools, where every child can learn to their potential and teachers have the resources they need to set a standard of excellence in complex classrooms.

Post-secondary education policies that prioritize Saskatchewan students who care about their province and communities.

A health care system that is accessible and patient oriented, allowing doctors and other medical professionals to make patient care their first priority in an environment where they feel valued and want to practice here.

An effective safety net for Seniors, Disabled and other vulnerable people that allows them to live outside of poverty with dignity.

Crown corporations that work for their owners, Saskatchewan citizens, with emphasis on service.

A business environment where even small entrepreneurs can succeed without excessive regulation and red tape that dissuades investment.

Rural and urban policing systems designed to proactively protect people, allowing them to live without fear in their homes and communities.

My personal Christmas wish for Saskatchewan and her people, is for love, infused with respect, to grow.

Love between family and friends, especially those who may be estranged. Respect and a spirit of cooperation between those who may see life issues differently, so we may work toward real, common sense solutions. My hope is for everyone to become united in our vision for a prosperous province.

Most of all, if I may cite the ancient text, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, toward men of good will.”