2024 – A Year to Unite

As we move into 2024, I have found that despite the many challenges Saskatchewan people have been forced to face, they are looking forward with hope.

They are creating their own foundation for hope by drawing close to their neighbours, building new friendships and support networks. They want to be able to plan for their children and grandchildren’s future with certainty.

I am inspired by the resilience and fortitude displayed in the face of abject government failure on multiple fronts to stabilize and protect the services we need for a secure society.

In March 2023, my family welcomed the birth of my 10th grandchild, little Camilla Grace. This blessed event increased my resolve to unite with the people of Saskatchewan to right what is wrong.

There is much work to do. In the last year, a light has been shone into many areas, exposing dark things we didn’t want to see. We’ve been hit hard with cost of living increasing to the point where the middle class is vanishing.

Instead of taking responsibility, the provincial government likes to blame federal policies. But it has been complicit by imposing federal government rules on us in exchange for federal handouts. For all the bluster in creating the Saskatchewan First Act, the reality is, the province is still marching in lockstep with the feds, even embracing the United Nations inspired ‘net zero’ agenda at the expense of Saskatchewan people.

Do they not know that the people of this great province do not want an elitist agenda forced on us? Do they not understand that people are uniting in a call for a return to common sense in health care, education, agriculture, social programs and our economy?

The missteps of the Scott Moe government have created conditions where people are more engaged in the workings of government than they have been in several generations. This is good.

It means that this generation is answering the call to design the society they want for today and for the future. It means that they are no longer content for politicians to take their tax money without accountability in how it is used.

Because of the response of Saskatchewan people, together we can put off fear and take charge by uniting for our common values.

In 2024, let us move forward together with hope.