Q & A’s – Digital Identification & Authentication Council of Canada

Question no. 26 (Ms. Wilson):

To the Minister of SaskBuilds and Procurement, (a) when did Saskatchewan become a member of the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC),

(b) who made the decision to join DIACC,

(c) what consultation processes were used to obtain public input and opinion, and

(d) what obligations does the province of Saskatchewan have to DIACC by being a member?

Answer: March 15, 2022

(a) Saskatchewan joined DIACC in June 2019 and was a member until June 2021. No decision has been made regarding renewal.

(b) The former Ministry of Central Services (now the Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement) made the decision to join DIACC in order to help shape a Pan-Canadian Trust Framework. DIACC’s principles emphasize topics like privacy, security, and providing Canadians choice and convenience.

(c) No formal consultation occurred.

(d) Membership in DIACC is non-binding and places no obligations on participating jurisdictions.