Alterations to CKOM Story Just Raise More Questions

On Sept 21, 2022 an article was published on the CKOM website that claimed there have been no deaths related to the Covid-19 injections in the last two years. The CKOM article stated it was based on information provided by the Saskatchewan government. This was a surprise to me as in August, I had published on my website, a vaccine injury report that listed seven deaths related to Covid-19 vaccines.

I issued a press release last Thursday, pointing out the discrepancy between the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and the Ministry of Health data.*

Over the weekend, information in the CKOM article changed. (See screenshots). The headline still claims zero deaths, but acknowledges there have been “eight reported deaths within 30 days of receiving a dose”. It also added information pertaining to other serious vaccine injuries.

Citing the provincial ministry of health, the article now states that investigations found four of the deaths listed were ‘inconclusive’, three were not attributable to the vaccine and one could not be determined as VIIT.

Why does only one death state ‘it could not be determined as VIIT’. If the others are not attributable to the vaccine, why isn’t there a similar notation on all of them?

Even if we are to remove four of those cases, ‘inconclusive’ does not mean the other four deaths are not attributable to the vaccine.

Also of note, while the article has a footnote that CKOM corrected the type of injection given to a woman who died in a Saskatoon pharmacy this month, it fails to acknowledge that it has added information to the article in reaction to the vaccine injury report. There is even an error in the article which claims there are no cases of Guillian-Barr Syndrome reported, yet the report lists at least one case.

It would be interesting to know why CKOM amended the article. Did someone from the government call CKOM? Did CKOM call the government? Why doesn’t CKOM make clear that more information was added to the article? Why does the headline still say ‘no deaths’, when at least four of those deaths could be due to the vaccine.

Quite frankly, the people of Saskatchewan are losing patience with Premier Scott Moe and the Sask Party government playing fast and loose with their health and lives. But unlike the premier, Saskatchewan people are not able to use coercion to force the government to respond to them.

It is time to shine a light on all aspects of the handling of Covid-19 in Saskatchewan. It can be an opportunity for the premier to redeem himself from being just a follower of his masters in Ottawa. I call again on Premier Moe to finally show leadership and give the people of Saskatchewan what they need; an honest independent inquiry that will examine every aspect of how Covid-19 was handled in this province.

Then, since health is a provincial responsibility, the Premier could establish a robust, user-friendly website which will allow Saskatchewan medical professionals and citizens alike to report vaccine injuries. This would allow the government to quickly spot trends and realize just how many people in this province are suffering due to this still experimental drug. This is about people’s LIVES and their quality of life.

As it is, the process to report vaccine injury is time-consuming and cumbersome to medical professionals. Often people who try to report their symptoms are belittled or dismissed resulting in extensive under-reporting. These people deserve to be heard and not ignored by government and taxpayer-funded agencies. It is time for the whole truth.

*(Note: As of 2:30 pm Sept 26, 2022, I was informed that the report was mislabeled and originally came from the Ministry of Health, not SHA)