Constant Concern About Mandates

Our Saskatchewan Rivers office continues to receive an enormous amount of phone calls and emails regarding personal stories of concerned, panicky, and angry citizens over the loss of their jobs, the loss of sending their children to school, the loss of their freedoms. We have heard of remorse and vaccine injuries becoming more common. Not every human is responding favourably to the vaccine. Public opinion is becoming more vocal in demanding less government interference in personal choices.

A number of local families have advised me that they have taken their children, fleeing to other countries. They are fearful of expanded mandates and restrictions. This is the new Saskatchewan. Comply, or worry about possibly being sent to an isolation camp after a neighbour phones the snitch line. The people are increasingly divided. Are these the government’s principles?

I think not. I know in the government’s heart they believe in principled leadership, developed over years by our ancestors which have worked until this recent 2020-21 pandemic. I believe the government has strayed from this path.

The absolute most bewildering, and frustrating aspect is that this government has insulated itself from credible evidence that does not support the direction they have chosen. Truth can bear scrutiny, but the refusal to even discuss these topics naturally allows people to wonder if something more nefarious is afoot. The people are suffering and deserve the respect of being listened to.

Let us not be judged by our medical status. I do not walk alone, as many people have talked with me. We’re all created equal. We all sit at the table of humanity. I am working towards a quest for freedoms for all Saskatchewan people and the security of justice. It is obvious today Saskatchewan has defaulted on our basic rights. The rally, the demonstration of freedom held October 27th 2021 on the steps of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building will go down in history as the Throne Speech of discontent. It is obvious that the winter of discontent is upon us.

It is my hope that all people have a secure future in the great province of Saskatchewan and unify with one another. It’s my hope that we can change this current situation in the province, leave our egos at the door, and salvage our province.

On another note, the recent Throne Speech discussed provincial autonomy for Saskatchewan, which I agree with. Taking back the administration of our corporate income tax system from the federal government is a very good sign. I feel considering other measures, such as provincial policing to build autonomy is very valuable indeed and I would like to see more dialogue around the Saskatchewan independent banking act. These are things that I will bring forward to my constituents for further consultation.

Our office welcomes everyone. I may be contacted by email at, by phone at 306-787-0615 or by mail at RR5 Site 16 Box 4 Prince Albert SK, S6V 5R3. My office is located in the Lake Boyz building at Red Wing.