August 18, 2018
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Legislative Report (16 May 2008)

Promises Made and Promises Kept

We did what we said we would.

In last December’s throne speech, our government promised to take the province in a new direction more reflective of Saskatchewan values. We focused on growth and opportunity, security and compassion, and keeping our word.

During the spring session of the legislature we kept more than 60 of those promises by doing exactly what we said we would.

We didn’t waste any time. On November 8, we kept our promise to introduce fixed election legislation.

We promised to cut the highest education property taxes in Canada. Our government did it by increasing rebates for both homeowners and farmers. We are now conducting a review of the whole system.

Families will now pay less for prescription drugs for their children, because we kept our promise to cap prescriptions for kids at $15. We are making it more affordable for families to get their children involved in cultural, recreational and sports activities, through the Active Saskatchewan Families benefit.

Municipalities have more money so they can keep taxes down. We increased municipal revenue sharing by 15 per cent, after 16 years of claw-backs that forced towns and cities to increase taxes and cut services.

For a complete list of promises, go to the Premier's webpage.

In the six months since the November election, Saskatchewan has led the country in population growth, exports, the 2008 economic growth forecast, wages, retail sales , building permits…the list goes on and on.

What are we doing to sustain that growth? We invested $1 billion in infrastructure in our “Ready for Growth” budget. We strengthened labour laws, bringing Saskatchewan in line with other Canadian provinces. We made a commitment to not increase royalty rates, resulting in record land sales. Saskatchewan now has the most aggressive youth retention plan in the country with our tuition rebate plan for young people who stay in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan people look out for one another. Our government is working hard to reflect that important value.

There are a lot of vulnerable families across Saskatchewan. Which is why we are providing $16.3 million for the revitalization of St. Mary’s Community School in Saskatoon’s Pleasant Hill neighborhood. We are providing $500,000 for school lunch and anti-hunger programs in community schools. Our government paid for the processing of 3000 swine which will supply all Saskatchewan food banks with enough pork to last a year. That’s in addition to $5 million for food banks and community based organizations. We are protecting children, by hiring more police officers to take Internet predators off-line.

The people of Saskatchewan want the province to continue to grow. They want opportunities. They want to feel safe and secure. And they want our government to keep our word.

We will.

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