August 18, 2018
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Legislative Report (6 March 2008)

Saskatchewan Finances in Great Shape

The third quarter financial results for 2007-08 are in, and they tell a great story! We are forecasting an almost $ 350 million dollar surplus, and predicting revenues will be up $ 287-million from mid-year. Expect to hear more about how your Saskatchewan Party government will use that money to sustain growth and build a positive future for you, your children, and your children’s children, when we release our first budget March 19. The spring sitting of the Saskatchewan legislature starts on Monday.


Premier Brad Wall is in the United States this week talking up the Land of the Living Skies. He’s in Washington this week, then New York later this month, to talk about our resource-rich province. With our world-leading uranium production, conflict-free oil, future developments like the oil sands and even diamonds, and our focus on environmentally sustainable development, Saskatchewan is the obvious best choice for our resource-hungry neighbour to the south. With some presidential candidates talking about tinkering with the North American Free Trade Agreement, it is important we make sure our neighbours to the south realize the many benefits free and open trade with Canada produces. Premier Wall is also the keynote speaker at the East Coast Canadian Energy Conference in New York, the first-ever Saskatchewan premier to do so.


In a unique, landmark partnership, Health Minister Don McMorris and Saskatchewan Union of Nurses President Rosalee Longmoore have agreed to work together to solve our province’s nursing shortage. This agreement, the first of its kind in Canada, recognizes the need to rebuild our province’s nursing workforce so that everyone has access to the health care they deserve. The agreement establishes annual targets for the hiring of new nurses and sets aside the funding to do that. This week, our government also announced $60 million in new funding for a nursing recruitment fund. Your Saskatchewan Party government has promised to hire 800 nurses in its first term. There is currently a nursing recruitment trip underway in the Philippines. This agreement between government and SUN is just another step down that road.


Enterprise Saskatchewan now has its full crew. After going over more than 300 nominations, ten people were chosen to man the board of the ship that will plot the province’s economic future. Gavin Semple, the owner and President of the Brandt Group of Companies, will be Deputy Chair. Former MP Gary Merasty will serve on the Board, as well as June Draude, the Minister of First Nations and Métis Relations. The other members include Crystal McLeod, Bill Cooper, Myrna Bentley, Hugh Wagner, Mark Frison, Craig Lothian, David Marit and Michael Fougere. Enterprise Saskatchewan will not only ensure Saskatchewan is ready for the future, its forward-looking mandate sets the stage for maintaining the province’s economic momentum for future generations.


Statistics Canada released information earlier this week that Saskatchewan led Canada in 2007 for residential construction investment growth. While the national growth rate was 8.5%, we blew the rest of the country away with 37.5% growth! Our economy continues to surge, as people continue to move either to or back to Saskatchewan, and young famlies build their first homes. Never before has Saskatchewan been able look to the future with such confidence and optimism. As your Saskatchewan Party government, we are proud to be taking that trip with you.

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