August 18, 2018
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Legislative Report (21 February 2008)

State of the Province

Premier Brad Wall delivered his first-ever State of the Province address this week to a sold-out Saskatoon business luncheon. The premier unveiled the Saskatchewan Economic Checklist. It showed the province is leading the country in several key economic areas, including sales, construction and income growth. Expect more to come in the weeks ahead…


Friday, February 15, 2008 marked 100 days in office for your Saskatchewan Party government. Since November 7, 2007, we have fulfilled a number of election promises, including:

  1. Eliminating the PST on used cars
  2. Funding for the cancer drug Avastin
  3. Stiffer penalties for drunk drivers
  4. Creation of Enterprise Saskatchewan
  5. New labour legislation to protect essential services and ensure more democratic workplaces
  6. Set election dates
  7. Smaller cabinet
  8. Stronger balanced budget legislation
  9. Paying down the provincial debt
In the coming days, expect to hear more about our plans to maintain and improve Saskatchewan’s quality of life through sustained economic growth.


Saskatchewan is the hottest job market in Canada. In January, the government job web site,, had more than 350,000 visitors. That’s a 54% increase over December. And a lot of that traffic is coming from out of province. The number of visitors from Alberta was up 44%. People from Ontario were looking for jobs here as well, with an increase of more than 80%. Clearly, being a “have” province means people want some of what we “have.” Welcome!


Saskatchewan’s oil and gas industry continues to be one of the major drivers of our province’s economic engine. Case in point: land sale records for February. Crown petroleum and natural gas rights generated an amazing $197 million for the province. That is double the old record set in 1994 and brings the total amount generated for the 2007-08 fiscal year to $419 million, which is again more than double the $202 million record set in 1994-95.


Got outstanding speeding tickets? Better pay up. Effective this tax season, the Fine Collection Branch of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General will partner with the Canada Revenue Agency to garnish federal income tax and GST payments. This change applies to all fines payable under provincial law and is part of an initiative by your Saskatchewan Party government to do improve fine collection. This initiative also resulted in the establishment of the Fine Collection Branch itself.


It seems everybody talks these days about how important it is to keep Saskatchewan’s young people from leaving the province. Premier Brad Wall decided to put his money where his mouth is. The premier spoke to students at a Regina high school and asked them what he could to get them involved in the electoral process. The premier has also indicated that he’ll be visiting a number of Saskatchewan high schools to have similar discussions in the months to come. It’s pretty appropriate, given today’s high school students will vote for the first time in 2011.


Saskatchewan Roughrider Gene Makowsky believes in the importance of minor football and that’s why he has agreed help out your Saskatchewan Party government in heading up a project that will examine and expand the role of minor football in developing positive values in children and youth. The project will serve to encourage active and health lifestyles among Saskatchewan’s young people. Gene will also pay specific attention to helping realize the potential of young people in our inner cities through this initiative. The four-time CFL All Star and substitute teacher is extremely proud of his Saskatchewan roots and the best choice for the job. If you’ve ever seen Gene in public, he is bundle of positive energy and enthusiasm and will do superb job.

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