August 18, 2018
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Legislative Report (24 January 2008)

New Initiatives and Announcements

Premier and Energy Minister Promote Oil Expansion in Saskatchewan

Work is underway by the Saskatchewan Party government to work with the Government of Canada and stakeholders across the country to secure a successful future for the province. Premier Brad Wall and Energy and Resources Minister Bill Boyd attended meetings in Calgary over two days to promote investment in Saskatchewan’s energy sector. These meetings were designed to show Alberta investors the benefits of expanding to Saskatchewan. The meetings were well received by representatives from the petroleum industry and we are optimistic that these meetings will result in further investment in the petroleum industry. The Saskatchewan Party government looks forward to developing these new contacts into partnerships that will help Saskatchewan realize its full potential in the energy sector.

Support for Essential Services Legislation

A province wide poll showed that two-thirds of Saskatchewan residents supported the new government’s proposed essential services legislation. The results of this poll show that people are relieved that this government is concerned about public safety and wants to ensure essential services are available to the public. The poll showed that 67 per cent of Saskatchewan residents supported the initiative, only 20 per cent were opposed, and the remainder expressed no opinion. This type of legislation is present in just about every other province, and our government feels the people of Saskatchewan deserve the same level of protection as the majority of Canadians.

Provincial-Federal Investments Continue to Benefit Saskatchewan People

The Saskatchewan Party government and the Government of Canada, along with municipalities, have made numerous investments in infrastructure across the province. These projects are part of 56 Canada-Saskatchewan Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF) investments that are being announced by the federal and provincial governments. The investments this week include:

  1. Lumsden and Area - $324,000 for community and recreational facilities
  2. Wynyard and Area - $54,800 for pool and community hall upgrades
  3. Moose Jaw and Mossbank- $495,000 for rink upgrades
  4. Oxbow, Alida, and Manor- $643,901 for rink upgrade, pool construction, and community building
  5. Humboldt and Area- $171,000 for upgrades to cultural and recreational facilities
  6. Moosomin and Rocanville- $194,750 for sports facility upgrades
  7. Yorkton and Area- $944,000 build and upgrade community and recreational facilities
  8. Weyburn, Midale and Area- $392,000 for upgrades to community and recreational facilities

Without this funding many of these communities would find it difficult to keep these facilities safe and modern. As more families consider relocating to Saskatchewan, having amenities like these will help ensure we can attract quality people to our communities. Many of the projects makes the facilities more energy efficient, which helps municipalities with their bottom line and be more environmentally responsible. More information regarding investments is available here.

Advertisement Campaigns Promote Youth Health and Development

Two new campaigns have been announced by the Saskatchewan Party government to raise awareness about situations facing youth in the province. The first advertising campaign was a “View and Vote” contest where students had a chance to view anti-tobacco messages and vote for which one they believe sent the best non-smoking message. Over 13,000 students voted. On January 18 at Indian Head School, Don McMorris, Minister of Health announced that the winning ad “Relaxed as Can Be” will air on Saskatchewan television during National Non-Smoking Week January 20 to 26. As well, parents are encouraged to start planning and saving for post secondary education. Our Saskatchewan Party government will devote $214,000 over five years to this campaign. These initiatives are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure our youth have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Saskatchewan People Support the Premier and the New Government

It is clear that many residents in Saskatchewan are pleased the direction of the new government since being elected last November. A recent independent poll conducted by Saskatoon-based Insightrix Research Inc. showed that almost 60 per cent of Saskatchewan voters “somewhat” or “strongly” approve of the performance of Premier Brad Wall since the election. This poll also showed that seven out of 10 Saskatchewan residents gave our new Saskatchewan Party government “good” or “fair” ratings.

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