April 18, 2019
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Rural Municipalities

Contact information for all rural municipalities comes from the online edition of the Saskatchewan Municipal Directory (Online Municipal Directory).
  1. R.M. of Torch River, #488; includes the Organized Hamlets of Garrick, Shipman and Snowden.
  2. R.M. of Garden River, #490
  3. R.M. of Buckland, #491
  4. R.M. of Shellbrook, #493 that include the Organized Hamlets of Crutwell and Holbein
  5. R.M. of Canwood, #494
  6. R.M. of Paddockwood, #520; includes the Organized Hamlet of Northside.
  7. R.M. of Lakeland, #521
  8. R.M. of Big River, #555 or Town Website; includes the Organized Hamlets of Nesslin Lake and Phillips Grove.

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